SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review – Does It Work?


Most male customers report that they saw a visible increase in penis size after using SizeGenetics for only one month. Of course, results will vary among men so not all will see results that fast. One factor that will speed up results, as mentioned in our earlier SizeGenetics reviews, is doing the penis exercises that are included with the SizeGenetics Ultimate System. These can all be done in under 10 minutes a day.

One of the primary reasons men are experiencing great results with SizeGenetics is because of the 16-Way Comfort Technology used. It has made using a penis extender so comfortable and easy that it eliminates the need to take pills or use other penis enlargement methods. We highly recommend SizeGenetics as being the best penis enlargement system on the market.

How does SizeGenetics affect self-confidence?

SizeGenetics works to improve your confidence level. If used correctly, it will enlarge your penis in both length and width. It will also improve your ability to sustain long, rock-hard erections and cum with more power and sperm. If that doesn’t boost your self-esteem, nothing will. Learn more at

The device used by SizeGenetics works by using traction on your penis. After wearing the device as instructed over time, your penis will have no choice but to get bigger, harder, and stronger.

Because the enlargement process used by penis extender is gradual, it is also safe and will not harm your penis.
The included penis exercises will speed up the penis enlargement process and also help you control the timing and power of your ejaculations.

SizeGenetics is backed by an awesome guarantee so you don’t have to rely solely on customer testimonials to help you make your decision. If it doesn’t work for you, you will get your money bit actually promises that you will see results. SizeGenetics gives you a full 6 months to use the product and still be able to return it. Thousands of glowing reviews, written by satisfied customers, prove that you won’t find a better deal on a penis extender than that.

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What You Get from SizeGenetics that you won’t get anywhere else

In our SizeGenetics review, we rate it as the best option for penis enlargement because, with SizeGenetics, you get a clinically proven, medical type 1 penis enlargement device that will deliver fast, measurable, and safe results.

The device includes the new 16-Way Comfort Technology that was developed with your comfort in mind. It was invented based on 5 years of customer feedback and will enable you to wear the device comfortably and effortlessly throughout the day.

The extender package comes with a free Penis Health DVD plus online access to the Penis Health site (which usually sells for $69). Even though most men prefer simply to wear the device without using the exercises, you will see even faster and more measurable results when using the exercises. The exercises will also enable you to sustain longer and harder erections. Few men take advantage of the Penis Health exercises but they are included and will hasten your progress if you use them.

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