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How to Start a Career as a Digital Transcription Worker

My life as a digital transcription worker started on a hope and prayer that I can start a career in the healthcare industry and also be able to work from home without travelling anywhere. I wanted to make my living in healthcare where I could be secure. You have got to have more than this to get a good career started. Now we’ve seen another hope and prayer statement. This one from Real Ways To Earn Money Online . Sorry, but few digital transcription companies hire newbies with no training. Read for yourself if you would like to. The site looks like an ad farm.

Do you want to try digital transcription but don’t want to jump right into doing digital transcription? Check out Quicktate and Scribie. You would not be able to make much of a living by working this way, but both will provide extra money and also give you an idea as to whether or not you are cut out for this line of work. Do digital transcription schools or companies pay good money to have themselves promoted like this? You are the best judge. You can try one of them yourself and find out. That is the best way to judge.

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