Are Penis Extenders Reliable?

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It’s fairly common knowledge that they do actually work to extend your penis size. The question on lots of peoples minds though is are the effects permanent?

How Do Penis Extenders Work

Penis extenders work by a process called traction. This is a procedure of stretching the penis to encourage cell redevelopment. The cells regenerate and sort of ‘fill in the gaps’ to give your penis more length and girth. It’s because of this process that the penis will stay the same size. Once the cells are regenerated they cannot be regenerated and will remain in their post stretch state indefinitely.

This is the similar process to the stretching of earlobes. Once the lobes are stretched they will remain that way forever. Your penis is no different. The best devices for extending the penis are the Fastsize Extender and the Sizegenetics extender. Both of these devices offer complete and permanent penis extension. Learn more about how penis extenders work.

Traction Is Proven For Penis Enlargement

how do penis extenders workNow, the basic principle behind this technology is what is known as traction. This is a procedure often employed by doctors in the regeneration of skin and tissue in parts of the body. Specifically, with the penis, the traction is applied to expand the interior cavities which cause the cells to multiply.

This technique causes a break down of the cells in the penile shaft. Your body then goes through and repairs the damaged tissue and new cells are generated to fill the vacant space. The new cells allow for more blood flow to your penis enabling it to become larger and more full when erect.

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Why Penis Extenders are So Effective

Penis extenders have become more and more common over the last few years. Many of the newer extenders are backed by medical professionals and doctors around the world which has added an extra element of credibility to the process. The question is often asked though, how do penis extenders work. I am going to attempt to explain this in the following article.

In short, a penis extender is a device that slips over the top of the penis and applies a slow methodical stretching force across the length of the entire penis. With the higher quality extenders, you are in control of the amount of force and this is controlled by 2 metal bars that run parallel to the length of your penis. Some of the more popular brands are the Fastsize Extender and Sizegenetics Extender.

Size Really Does Matter!

Over the years there have been many surveys and studies about the attitudes of women toward male penis size. Somewhere along the line, the myth was created that women do not care about the size of a man’s penis. There are several interesting theories on how this myth got started, most of which centered on it being encouraged by insecure men.

However, more recent anonymous studies of women who did not feel pressured into saying the politically correct thing actually admitted that they are turned off by a man with a small penis. So the truth comes out. Women prefer men who are well hung.

Choosing The Best Penis Extender

The most important thing to look for when choosing a product is the level of comfort it provides. The more comfortable you feel than the better your results. That is why you should pay special attention to how the device is attached. There are noose and strap devices; straps are much more comfortable than nooses. When you choose a 58-way support or similar system, you have more options to choose from and thus you will use what you like the most. See our top-rated penis extender reviews.

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Most healthy adult males are intensely concerned about the sexual satisfaction of the women that they love. In addition to becoming more attentive lovers, men have turned their attention to the question of whether or not they can enlarge penis size to give their partners the sexual intensity that they deserve.

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